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FIRST is delayed shipping. If you know you are going to order more items as they show up you can use the code DELAY when checking out. It won't charge you shipping and we will hold those orders until you let us know to ship them ALL together. You can message us or just note it in a future order that you are ready for ALL your orders! Then you can combine them all into just one shipment and save on shipping.

SECOND is layaway! Definitely a lifesaver. You simply pay 25% of your order now, then you can have up to 60 days to pay it off. You can also add more items to it at any time. 
The only thing you can't Layaway are new release items like Ju-Ju-Be until 1 week after release.


For layaway you will receive a paypal invoice where you may make payments. 25% down is NON REFUNDABLE if you cancel layaway, but anything paid above that is refundable within 7 days.