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  • Travel wetbag by Luludew

    Travel wetbag by Luludew

    Luludew’s travel bags are a perfect option for diapering on-the-go. Add soiled items in the large water-resistant pocket. It’s the perfect accessory while on-the-go! Made with nice PUL fabric zipper closure for simple access. We use only YKK...

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  • Buttons Diapers Backpacks

    Buttons Diapers Backpacks

    -Made of Stain and Water resistant PUL-Anti-microbial and Lead Free-Sturdy straps for hanging or carrying.-Machine washable, Line dry or Machine dry low Our Backpacks are made from our signature soft silky PUL.  Size:  Small-9"x 7"

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  • Washy Wafers Sensitive Skin Wipes Solution (EO)

    (EO) - Essential Oils or Natural Extracts typically from plants and herbs. None of the scents in this selection use chemical fragrances. Great choice for those sensitive to chemical fragrances.   Sensitive skin? Washy Wafers Sensitive...

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  • Buttons Diapers 100% Wool Dryer Balls

    Set of 6 Handmade 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls (with no fillers) Softens Laundry Naturally   Shortens Drying Time (use 3 balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large) Extra-Large (9 in. circumference,)  Lasts for a...

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  • Buncha Farmers

    Simply wet the stick, rub it on the stain and then launder as usual. This potent and highly effective stain remover is made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients, and enhanced with borax to soften the water and aid the cleaning process. No...

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