Gear for Babywearing

  • Ju-Ju-Be SuperBe

    Ju-Ju-Be SuperBe

    This tote has SUPER powers! It's SUPER cute! It's SUPER light! It's SUPER stuffable! It's SUPER versatile! Does it have X-Ray vision? Nope, but its zippered top will help you get through the X-Ray machine at the airport faster than a speeding bullet...

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  • Ju-Ju-Be Base

    Ju-Ju-Be Base

    Base camp, home base or rebel base.  No matter what you do, or where you go, this bag will be your mobile base of operations. With an internal insulated bottle pocket, an ultralight changing pad and a unique zipper opening, you'll have quick access...

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  • Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick

    Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick

    Organize the inside of your favorite bags or carry it alone as a purse. It doesn't matter if you are an organizationalist or a minimalist, you'll LOVE the Be Quick. You can also use it as the only diaper pouch with Teflon...and no noisy Velcro. Throw it...

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  • Ergo Winter Weather Cover: Black

    Ergo Winter Weather Cover: Black

    Winter Weather Cover:Black Parents don't get snow days, so when you and baby need to venture out into the cold, we've got you covered. Attaches to any carrier straps Keeps baby warm & dry with the baby hood Soft fleece lining Machine...

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  • Chimparoo Baby Gloo Plus BLUE

    3 seasons protection against cold, wind and rain for the baby in his carrier.  Polyester insulation.   Can fit all Buckle baby carriers, slings or soft structure style carriers on the front or on the back. For temperatures between -5 and 45...

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