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Drool Pads & Accessories

  • Original Drool Pads by Ergo

    ERGOBaby Drool Pad Pair The ERGObaby sucking pad was created for your baby's teething years. This reversible pad will not only extend the life of your carrier due to less frequent washings, but will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is...

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  • Chimparoo Drool Pads - Alizee

    Soft for the baby protect the colors and extend the life of the baby carrier Made with 3 layers of the TREK woven. Machine washable, gentle cycle Easily fit most of the major baby carriers

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  • Fidella Strap Protectors with Pocket

    Fidella Strap Protectors with Pocket

    Surface weight 205 g/sqm  Limited Summer Color  100% cotton (organic) FIDELLA PAD FOR BABY CARRIERS Our Fidella Pads are made of soft wrap fabric. They can be used in different ways: as a strap pad or as additional...

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